Thursday, March 11, 2010

RSA Conference 2010 - Keynote Webcast Catalog

RSA Conference 2010 - Keynote Webcast Catalog

Scott Charney, Microsoft vice president of trustworthy computing wants to cut infected computers off the internet.
Notice a lot of this cor-pirate cutting off people from the internet. It seems the be the cor-pirate way for all problems "cut the from the net"
The new battle cry!!
3 strikes cut them from the net!!!
Someone bogus takle down notoce cut them from the net!
Mppa says:Cut them from then net

Common cry from a broken cor-pirate machine yes these megobahemouths power swagger around
cutting the little guy from the net. And they can get away with it.
Because singlely the ones they cut off are powerless against the meggabahemouths.
Who can stand against them all their power money and custom bought laws?
They have you by the balls their power mad money grubbing hands....

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