Sunday, March 21, 2010

Toronto police $100K club continues to grow -

Toronto police $100K club continues to grow -

They have some of the easiest work going. they claim their work is the most dangerous!! But no where on any top 10 most dangerous Is police or cop or law enfarcement to be found.

And around here not only slackers but they like to pretend they are doing something. If it was not so dishonest and low it would be funny....

Here is one comment that show the difference between government cop fairytale jobs and real ones.

""Re: Peace Keeper 1:00PM Your point is moot. I'm a pilot and I spend less holidays, birthdays and special occasions with my family and friends than police officers. I fly thousands of people around every week and have their lives in my hands. I get paid half of what these traffic beatcops make - and I'm talking their BASE salary!""

This is about right

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