Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cor-pirations and their incessant need for greed!

The Cor-piration.
It cheats the suppliers
It cheats is costumiers
It cheats its share holders by paying the cor-pirated staff huge bonuses...
They reap the land bare.
They pollute the air
They pollute the water
They pass off toxic garbage as goods...
They contaminate the earth with foul chemicals
They lock out people from buying base products like bulk oatmeal yes even that!!
To force you to buy some small chintzy cor-pirate product for far over priced amount.
They buy laws suited to their needs...
They control most governments.
They control huge tracts of land virtually tax free.
They pay less then 1% income tax.
They deduct taxes from their employees checks then say they paid that as tax...
They control all markets with the iron fist of their greed!!!

The cor-pirations are the true pirates!!!

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